Wrapped BitCash (wBITC)

BitCash has added a cross-chain swapable Wrapped BitCash Token (ERC20) the Q3 Roadmap.

We are excited to announce that BitCash is implementing a Wrapped BitCash ERC20 token that will represent BitCash on the Ethereum network. This will integrate all the unique and exciting features of the BitCash block-chain with the flexibility of an ERC20 token. In time, we will look to incorporate this token into the revamped PeerQ that will be released shortly.

Cross-Chain Swap

We are developing a feature that will allow users to swap BITC and wBITC easily within the desktop wallet. The biggest obstacle in this process is navigating the Ethereum needed for transaction fees.

BitCash DEX

With the addition of the wBITC token we will implement a BitCash DEX. This DEX will provide a private, decentralized option to trade $wBITC. Users will be able to directly connect to the DEX and trade wBITC against ETH, USDT, amongst other assets. This decentralized exchange platform will be built with McafeeDex tools.


Some of the benefits that will come out of this BitCash ERC20 token includes:

- Increased exposure into the ERC20 token world.
- Increased exposure into the DeFi world.
- Flexibility
- Increased liquidity
- Use of hardware wallets
- Potential arbitrage opportunities
- Increase the possibility of being listed on various exchanges

Stay tuned as we are currently developing a user-friendly way to interact with wrapped BitCash.

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