Q3 Recap & Transparency Report

Q3 was another extremely productive quarter for BitCash as we were able to implement new features, make upgrades, and establish some key partnerships.

Q3 Recap

Paper Bills

In mid July, we introduced BitCash Paper Bills. This fun feature allows users to print physical BitCash Dollars and use the paper bills seamlessly from their BitCash wallet. You can use these as a gift, to transact with or for promotional purposes.

Removal of Master Key

Later in July, we hard forked and introduced a new wallet version that removed the master key and introduced the new nicknames with a viewkey for the webwallet and mobile wallet. This hard fork also fine-tuned our BitCash Stable protocol.

PeerQ Swap & Panda Bot

We closed the month with the addition of PeerQ Swap and the integration of Panda Bot into the BitCash discord. PeerQ Swap is an auto exchange that allows a user to easily swap Bitcoin for BitCash. The swap occurs through STEX exchange but does not require the user to have a STEX account. The Panda Bot has features that create community engagement and allows for our discord to community to earn a little BitCash periodically.

Mobile Wallet

Mid August we published our Android Mobile Wallet on the Google Play Store. The Android Mobile Wallet lets you hold all of the familiar features of the BitCash desktop wallet at the palms of your hands!

Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.choosebitcash.bitcashmobilewallet


During the month of August we also established two key partnerships. First, we partnered with Cryptocurrency Checkout. Cryptocurrency Checkout offers a payment gateway that gives customers multiple ways to pay, such as 1-click payments for desktop wallets, scannable QR codes for mobile devices, and manual input so one can even be paid directly from exchanges. Partnering with Cryptocurrency Checkout opened the doors for BitCash to be used to make purchases or used as tips or donations on social media platforms.

Then shortly after we established our partnership with Cryptocurrency Checkout, we partnered with Mazer Gaming. Mazer Gaming is a professional eSports team and entertainment organization currently competing in Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, Fortnite, FIFA, Smite, Splatoon, Smash, and Brawlhalla. Mazer also hosts online tournaments, provides eSports coaching through it’s Mazer Academy, and even has its own design studio that provides graphic design services to its organization and their clients. Partnering with Mazer has allowed millions to be introduced to BitCash on a monthly basis.

To end the month of August, the BitCash community celebrated our 1st Birthday!

In September, BitCash was re-reviewed by Proof-of-Review. In this newest review, BitCash received a B- score based on the POR metrics. Here are the details to the BitCash Review.

We also established three partnerships that allowed BitCash to be used for purchase! Physical Crypto Coins creates official physical coins for different projects across the blockchain space. Blockchain Stuff exclusively creates BitCash mugs, socks, t-shirts, hats, sweaters, hoodies, and phone cases. Both projects currently accept BitCash!

Lastly, we collaborated with RockinPrices and Cryptocurrency Checkout to allow our community to use BitCash to purchase gift cards from the following establishments:

● Amazon

● Starbucks

● Best Buy

● Home Depot

● Dominos

● 1–800Flowers.com

● GameStop

● Xbox

Print eStatement Feature

Towards the end of September, BitCash added the Print eStatement Feature. Similar to traditional internet banking, BitCash has now made it possible to print your BitCash and BitCash Dollar eStatements directly from your wallet. These statements allow for both consumers and merchants to keep healthy records of their transactions.

Lastly, we ended Q3 on a much needed hard fork that changed our mining algorithm to X16RV2 to return to ASIC resistance.

Two items on the roadmap that we didn’t meet are the iOS mobile wallet and the addition of bigger exchange. Unfortunately, the App Store has some very specific requirements that we are currently trying to work our way around. However, we have enhanced the BitCash Web Wallet and it works seamlessly on iOS mobile. In regards to exchanges, we have applied to multiple big exchanges, but currently our volume on our current exchanges need to increase. In the recent days we have seen a significant increase in our daily volume and will continue to work on new exchanges.

We are currently working to infiltrate the Chinese and Asian markets and are in the process of listing on two Chinese exchanges in GJ and BKEX.

Q3 Transparency Report

In our initial BitCash Transparency Report we mentioned that we wanted to inform our community about how the BitCash funds have been allocated during the previous quarter. As a reminder, BitCash did not hold an ICO or raise any money.

As of right we have been operating solely from our founder’s own funding and the block fee.

Below is an itemized list of spending during Q3.


● Mazer Gaming (Tier One Sponsorship): $1,000 USD ($500 USD Monthly)

● Cryptocurrency Checkout: $650 USD (BitCash One-Time Integration Fee)


● Team-Generated Bounty Payouts: 12,000 BITC


● Graviex listing: 0.4003211 BTC


● Articles: 18,500 BITC (Generated 7 in-depth BitCash articles)

● DumStream Sponsorship: 7500 BITC

● Giveaways: 15,000 BITC (Social Media Giveaways, Physical Crypto Coin Giveaways, Gift Card Giveaways)

● Monthly Payments to our hard working Volunteers


● Panda Bot Integration: .055 BTC

● Panda Bot Funding: 3000 BITC

● Community Member Reimbursement (2): 43000 BITC (Error w/ BitCash Stable)

Q3 Social Media Recap

Q4 Roadmap

We are in the process of revamping our Q4 Roadmap as we have already hit a few goals from this quarter. We will make an announcement once we have the updated version of the Q4 Roadmap.

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