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Earlier this year BitCash was reviewed by the Proof of Review (POR) team. The review that was initially released was from a very objective point of view and laid out the hard facts about the BitCash project. Over the past few months, POR has rebranded and aimed to provide all the factual information that it always has, but now it also offers some subjective analysis to each review.

POR has retroactively re-reviewed all its previous reviews and updated them with up-to-date information and the subjective analysis.

In this newest review, BitCash received a B- score based on the POR metrics. Here are the details to the BitCash Review.

About Proof of Review?

Proof of Review is composed of a team of analysts, traders, and miners who wish to make information available in the crypto sector more informative, while also utilizing their skills and experience to assess projects based on core fundamentals. They started the project with the aim of increasing project transparency for miners and investors by improving the quality of available information in the crypto ecosystem.

The POR team reviews a wide range of projects and services to help users stay informed and develop an edge in emerging industry and asset classes. Projects are scored using the POR unique review matrix, analyzing multiple fundamental metrics when assessing a project and providing a composite grade accordingly.

POR team members are a core group of experienced crypto investors, miners, and traders since 2013.

BitCash Official Links:

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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