InstaSwap Has Been Integrated Into the BitCash Wallet

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BitCash partnered with InstaSwap back in October of 2019 with intentions of bringing our users a non-custodial exchange platform that allows users to quickly exchange crypto directly at market price. Our dev, Christian Kassler, wanted to make buying and selling BitCash as simple as possible for our users, so we have now integrated InstaSwap directly into the BitCash Wallet.

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With this integration users can now swap BitCash and BTC directly within the BitCash wallet.

InstaSwap market buys directly from STEX exchange. This is advantageous as STEX will be moving to KYC on Jan 1st and you are not required to KYC to use InstaSwap. With market buying you must understand the order books. You can look quickly look at the BITC/BTC order books with BitCash Glass. Simply move the cursor over an order to see average price if you buy/sell the entire market before it. You can filter orders by the amount.

Download the new wallet version 0.17.23 here:



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