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The BitCash Team is extremely excited to announce the addition of the BitCash Twitter tipbot. Many cryptocurrency projects currently have a Twitter tipbot, but the BitCash Twitter tipbot offers more functionality than traditional bots. Also, we are making a concerted effort for the bot to operate 100% within Twitter, so there is no need to sign into an additional dashboard or a desktop wallet.

The tipbot offers the typical functionality of most bots: check balances, generate address, withdraw, deposit, and tip. But, the feature that separates this bot from others is the ability to add an airdrop to your post to create more engagement.

For instance, by simply adding @BitCashTips airdrop {amount_bitc} {number_users_to_pay} to a post, every unique user that retweets that post will receive a portion of the amount of BitCash designated until the allotted number of users have been paid out. Once you make the post it will get an instant reply from the bot stating that it indeed created an airdrop event. Once the number of allotted users have been paid you will also receive a response from the bot indicating that the airdrop event has concluded. It is very important to note the airdrop feature is a pot-based drawing, meaning the amount specified is SHARED between each user (i.e. bitc / users = payout).

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How To Use The BitCash Twitter Tipbot

Follow the @BitCashTips account. It is not necessary to follow the account but will make things a little easier.

Direct Message Commands:

· balance | bitc | bitcash

- displays users BitCash balance

· address | deposit

- displays users BitCash deposit address

· withdraw

- withdraws your BitCash to a blockchain address or nickname

* Usage: withdraw {amount} {address}

* Example: withdraw 10 address

Tweet Commands:

· tip

- tips a user or users an amount of BitCash

- Note: when tipping multiple users, it will send the specified amount to EACH user

* Usage: @BitCashTips tip {amount} {User1} {User2}

* Example: @BitCashTips tip 5 @User1 @User2

· airdrop

- starts an airdrop event — rewarding users for retweeing

Note: this is a pot-based drawing, meaning the amount specified is SHARED between each user

*Usage: .@BitCashTips airdrop {amount_bitc} {number_users_to_pay}

*Example: .@BitCashTips airdrop 5 100 Hey check out this cool thing!



There you have it! Load up those Twitter wallets and get ready for more engagements in your memes, poll, and general tweets! A special thanks to rvrsh3ll, Karl from Trollcoin, and Root for assisting in putting together a tremendous product. If you have questions about these features, please visit us in Discord.

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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