Hard Fork: BitCash Stable Removal

BitCash will hard fork on 22 August 8:00 UTC. This hard fork will remove the BitCash Stable feature and no longer store price information on the blockchain.

After much discussion and feedback from the community regarding concerns of DDOS attacks on the price servers, price manipulation, centralization, and exploitation, we have decided to remove the Stable feature. The protocol has been fortunate to avoid most of these issues thus far, but it is only a matter of time. The community believes it will better serve us to stick to our original vision for the BitCash project.

The hard fork will occur on 22 August 8:00 UTC.

There is a new wallet version (v0.17.29) available now. Please upgrade to the new version before the 22 August 8:00 UTC.

After the hard fork no real price information will be stored in the BitCash blockchain any longer. BitCash will no longer depend on the price servers. Instead a fixed price of 2 cents will be stored for converting the remaining BitCash Dollars back into BitCash and a fixed price of $2000 will be stored for converting the remaining BitCash Gold back into BitCash.

The possibility to send BitCash Dollar and Gold will remain in the GUI of the wallet for now, but after the hard fork, Christian will upload a version without these GUI elements. At that point it will only be possible to convert Dollar and Gold back in the debug console.

You can download the new Windows version HERE.

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Discord — https://discordapp.com/invite/7P4YcXU

Twitter — https://twitter.com/ChooseBitCash

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Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/BitCashCoin/



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