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Image for post has now opened deposits for a “Free Listing Campaign” for BitCash and will last until (UTC+8) 12:00 20 October 2019.

If the number of deposit users meets the demand and every deposit is over 150 BITC then trading will begin around 22 October 2019. The opening pair will be BITC/USDT trading. Withdrawal times will be around 23 October 2019.

We are hoping to get 400 members of our community to set up an account and deposit during our free listing window.

How To Set Up An Account

  1. Visit
  2. Download Google Translate Extension HERE
  3. Click Registration in the Top Right Corner
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4. (Translate This Page) Input your email, password, confirm password, and then click ‘Send the verification code’, slide the verification bar, retrieve the verification code from your email account and input it, lastly create nickname for your account (optional), read and agree to terms and policy, and then click ‘registered’.

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5. Bind an Authenticator

6. Click Assets in the Top Right Corner and find BITC

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7. Click ‘Deposit or Coin’ on the BITC Row to retrieve your deposit address.

8. Deposit 150 BITC (with this being a new exchange I would only deposit 150 BITC).

As always, with a new exchange take extreme caution and understand the risks that are associated with trading on unproven exchange.

In order to be listed, 400 community members need to follow these steps before (UTC+8) 12:00 20 October 2019 so please help out by spreading the word, registering your account and depositing at least 150 BitCash coins!

This is a small but important step closer to spreading the word about BitCash throughout China and the Asian region!

BitCash Official Links:

Website — and

Discord —

Twitter —

Bitcointalk ANN —

Telegram —

Reddit —

BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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