BitCash Update — July 2019

August is here, so we wanted to take the time to update you on our progress in July.

Master Key Removal Vote

We began the month with a vote to remove our Safe Privacy feature. The Safe Privacy feature was always a topic of debate within the BitCash project and we wanted to let our community in on whether we would move forward with it our not. It was a landslide vote to remove this feature.

BitCash Stable Halt

On July 5th we were forced to deactivate the old version of BitCash Stable due severe manipulation. Our main dev, Christian, already had a plan in place to make manipulation a lot more difficult, but in order to avoid hyperinflation we deemed it necessary to deactivate until the hard fork.

BitCash to BitCash Dollar Stable Coin

New Team Members

On July 11th, we introduced two members that volunteered to help with BitCash and the PeerQ Project. Steppix is conducting the redesign work for PeerQ and has done a handful of social media graphics for the BitCash project and Silent_JJ is assisting in growing the PeerQ platform with his specialization in SEO.

Transparency Report

On July 16th, we released our Q2 Transparency report that informs our community on how the BitCash funds have been allocated during the 2nd Quarter. You can read that report HERE.

BitCash Paper Bills

On July 17th, we released our “fun wallet feature” that allows for users to print physical BitCash Dollars and use the paper bills as seamlessly. You can use these as a gift, to transact with or for promotional purposes. Read more about BitCash Paper Bills HERE.

PeerQ Swap

PeerQ Swap is a auto exchange that allows a user to easily swap Bitcoin for BitCash. The swap occurs through STEX exchange but does not require the user to have a STEX account. Now you can easily ask questions or create bounties on PeerQ without having to visit an exchange to trade for BitCash. Read more about PeerQ Swap HERE.

Hard Fork

On July 23rd, BitCash held a hard fork that introduced a new wallet version that removed the master key and it will introduce the new nicknames with a viewkey for the webwallet and mobile wallet. This hard fork also reactivated a new version BitCash Stable. The new system introduced a price system with 2 prices, one price is a 7 day average and the other price is the spot price. The lower price of the two price is utilized to convert BitCash to BitCash Dollar while the higher price allows a user to covert BitCash Dollar.

The purpose of the two price system is to make the price less predictable so that one cannot repeatedly create new BitCash. Also the new system deters a user from quickly minting/burning whenever there is sudden price hike or dump because it is more advantageous for the price to stabilize before converting.

BitCash Panda Bot — Now Available

The BitCash discord has recently integrated Panda Bot. The Panda Bot has features that create community engagement and allows for our discord to community to earn a little BitCash periodically.

Please Run these commands in #bank-room or direct message @BitCash Bot

$bal — Check Balance

$deposit — Get Deposit address

$withdraw address amount_of_bitc — Withdraw BITC

#Rainroom Games — Please Run these commands in #rain-room

$rain number_of_people amount_of_bitc — Rain to random people

$shower amount_of_bitc — Rains coins from your wallet to recently active users

$lotterydrop amount_of_bitc — users must guess the lottery number correctly ( 0–100 ) to win the airdrop. if no winners every participant is rewarded

$rolldrop amount_of_bitc — Users must respond with the phrase “roll” and the highest roller wins the airdrop

$reactdrop amount_of_bitc optional_custom_emoji — Users must respond with a reaction to be rewarded

$rushdrop amount_of_bitc airdrop_phrase — Users have to repeat the specific phrase, however only the first 10 will be rewarded

$phrasedrop amount_of_bitc airdrop_phrase — Users have to repeat the specific phrase to participate in the airdrop

Special Game

$Challenge @username amount_of_bitc — Direct user to user roll challenge highest # wins

Getting tagged by too many rains?

Use the $nomention command to opt out of notifications for panda-bot rains


Here is what to expect for the rest of Q3 2019:

  • Mobile wallet for Android with all BitCash features
  • Mobile wallet for IOS with all BitCash features
  • Develop WordPress BitCash shopping cart plugin
  • Spreading the word aka marketing (press releases, influencers, Youtubers…)
  • BitCash marketing in China and the rest of Asia
  • Creating BitCash wallet in other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc.)
  • Apply for Bittrex and larger exchanges
  • Community testing of wordpress BitCash shopping cart plugin

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to a great month of June!

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