BitCash StremTeam: Twitch Streamers WANTED!

BitCash is looking to create a ‘BitCash StreamTeam’, which is a group of Twitch streamers who accept BitCash as tip or donation. We will help promote your stream and inform our community that you accept BitCash.

With our recent partnership with Cryptocurrency Checkout, it is now seamless to integrate a Twitch tip/donation button that makes it very easy for viewers to tip your stream.

If you are interested in joining the BitCash StreamTeam you will need to:

  1. Create a BitCash Wallet

Create A BitCash Web Wallet

Step 1: Create A New Web Wallet

Visit and click ‘Create a new wallet’

Step 2: Secure Your Private Key

On this screen you will be given a private key and your wallet address. Please keep a copy of your private keys and never share them with anyone. You will not have access to your funds without your private key. (You will need this private key to log in your web wallet)

If you lose this private key you will lose access to your BitCash.

Step 3: Login and Create A Wallet Nickname

Once you have saved a copy of your private key somewhere, then click ‘Log in with your private key’. Now you will be inside the wallet.

Go to the “Create your Nickname” tab at the top. Please choose your nickname carefully as you won’t be able to change it later. Each BitCash address can only have one nickname.

You can use the native BitCash address if you prefer.

How to Accept BitCash as a Tip/Donation?

CryptocurrencyCheckout Button Installation.

Step 1: Create Cryptocurrency Checkout Connection.

Log into your Dashboard. Create an account if you don’t currently have one.

Click on the “New Connection” option.

Insert your Twitch details. (Such as a unique username that your fans will easily identify you with, and the email you want to receive notifications to.)

Now insert your BitCash address.

(If there are any other currencies you would like to receive enter those address. Any cryptocurrencies you do not want to accept as donations, just leave the section blank.)

Click Submit.

Step 2: Generate CryptocurrencyCheckout Donation Link.

Log into your Dashboard.

Click “API Keys” Generate an API key for your Donation Link.

Copy and paste the API Key into notepad, or another text editor for later.

In the dashboard, go to the installation scripts section, and select “ Donations”

Paste the API key you saved earlier into the “Insert API Key” Section.

Click the “Generate Script” button.

Your donation link will be automatically generated for your Twitch.

Copy the Donation Link and paste it into a text editor for later.

Step 3: Install the Button/Panel onto your Twitch Account.

Log into your Dashboard.

Click your User Icon located in the Top Right.

Select the Channel Option from the Menu.

Scroll down below your video and Enable “Edit Panels”.

Paste the Donation Link into the “Image Links To:” Section.

Click “Add Image” and add a Panel Image/icon/button.

Press the Submit Button, and close the Edit Panels Section

You have successfully installed your BitCash Wallet using CryptocurrencyCheckout onto your Page!

We suggest you test the button/panel and do a test Donation and go through the entire checkout process to make sure everything works as desired.

If you have any issues feel free to send us a message, or join us on discord.

You will automatically be added to the BitCash StreamTeam.

Official BitCash Links

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Discord —

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