BitCash: our progress so far

When we began developing the world’s most useable cryptocurrency, we wanted to scale fast. As a volunteer project, this meant getting the tech right first, and then spreading the word to crypto enthusiasts around the world while working on new features and perfecting the user experience.

Since announcing BitCash in August 2018, we’ve hit some incredible milestones. To date, we’ve done little to no marketing and yet gathered huge momentum across channels like Twitter, Discord, and Medium. We’ve also released upgrades and new features as well as attracted some of the best talent in the industry to advise us going forward.

We’d like to bring you along on our journey to becomes the world’s most useable cryptocurrency. So whether you’re familiar with our work or have never heard of us, here’s an update on our progress so far.

Why BitCash? A recap

While cryptocurrencies are a promising and much-needed change to how we transact value, they’ve yet to offer the convenience of fiat banking. For consumers, cryptos are hard to spend and difficult to manage. For vendors, cryptos are hard to transact and integrate into traditional commerce workflows.

The lack of support on both sides of the economy has hindered global adoption. At the same time, so-called “privacy” coins have given cryptos a bad name, and some governments have outlawed them altogether. We knew that to solve the adoption problem we had to design a cryptocurrency that was easy to use while also discouraging illegal activity.

BitCash, therefore, does three things:

  1. Provides the tools and conveniences of fiat banking.
  2. Offers the speed, security, and efficiency of blockchain technology.
  3. Operates under the principle of Safe Privacy — guaranteed anonymity unless law enforcement require access.

BitCash bridges two different financial worlds: fiat and crypto. You get fiat tools but blockchain benefits, while discouraging the use of cryptocurrency for illegal activity. Together, we believe this makes BitCash the most useable cryptocurrency in the world.

BitCash: what makes us different

We’ve worked hard to build the best customer experience whether you’re a consumer or a business.

BitCash benefits that have been released and will be released include:

  • Encrypted transaction description lines. Know what each transaction is for, not just the amount and crypto address.
  • Recurring debits or credits. Pay your monthly bills with crypto.
  • Multiple accounts. Separate accounts for anything you like — savings, holidays, expenses, and so on.
  • Named accounts. Use simple names not long, cryptographic addresses.
  • Pay anyone. Even if they don’t have a wallet.
  • CPU/GPU mineable. If you’ve got a computer and internet connection, mine some BitCash yourself without spending a fortune on expensive hardware.
  • Safe Privacy. 100% anonymity while discouraging bad actors.
  • Monthly statements. Just like a bank account.
  • Printable statements. Ability to print history statements.
  • More Exciting features soon to be announced
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BitCash: a growing community

BitCash is a cryptocurrency designed, developed, and managed by a team of volunteers all around the world. Our supporters have grown organically since launch and we now happily host over 996 members on our Discord channel, 307 followers on Twitter, and had our Medium posts viewed hundreds of times.

What are people saying about BitCash?

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Steemit crypto bloggers and have also written about BitCash.

BitCash is a new cryptocurrency project that is hoping to release paypal’s monopoly on the small business and peer to peer payment services industry.

@themarkymark, Steemit

The wallet for BitCash is one of the nicest I’ve seen and it is designed so that it is simple to use. Users can start mining BitCash by a click of a button inside the wallet.

@kingscrown, Steemit

BitCash also appeared on an altcoin blog . The writer had this to say:

[BitCash] replicates the current e-banking solutions we all use today in a decentralized way.

More miners

Our global mining network is growing fast, making us more decentralized than ever. Since the release of our GPU miner in September, we’ve accumulated five BitCash mining pools and expect more soon. As you can see below, our hash rate is about 250 cycles, which equates to around 310 GPUs mining BitCash.

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It’s really easy to start mining yourself — you don’t need any expensive hardware, and you can join one of our mining pools for quicker results. Read about our mining set-up on . You can also on GitHub.


We’re really excited to welcome to our advisory board. David is a Product and Technology Director who has led several successful digital transformations in the past. As well as founding The Blockchain Garage, David is part of the Haven Protocol $XHV Team. David will help us with marketing, networking, tech, and lots of other areas.

Also, if you’d like to know a bit more about our core developer, Christian Kassler, you can on our Medium channel.

What’s next?

In line with our draft road-map, you have the following to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  1. We’re going to announce BitCash on Bitcointalk. We expect this will boost our community and will generate a lot of buzz around BitCash and what it can do.
  2. We’re going to release a new web wallet with extra features. We can’t say which features yet, but they’re going to make managing cryptocurrency even easier for you and help spread adoption.
  3. We’re exploring listing BitCash on larger exchanges. BitCash isn’t a vehicle for investment, but listing at the larger, more established cryptocurrency exchanges will make it easier to buy and therefore use.

We plan to keep you updated as we progress, so please and .

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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