BitCash launches PeerQ — a Quora-like platform that rewards users in cryptocurrency for answering questions and completing tasks

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Imagine if Quora paid you to answer questions?

That’s the reality BitCash offers in its latest bid to take cryptocurrencies mainstream: PeerQ.

Simply put, PeerQ is a platform that rewards users for sharing knowledge. Users ask questions, offer bounties, provide answers, and complete tasks to earn BitCash.

Where Quora put an oracle in your pocket, PeerQ also creates a peer-to-peer knowledge economy. It incentivizes participation, rewards the best answers, and provides real-world utility for the BitCash cryptocurrency.

The internet is usually the first place people go when they need answers,” said Christian Kassler, BitCash’s lead developer. “PeerQ aims to improve the depth, accuracy, and relevance of those answers while adding extra value for BitCash users.

As well as crowd-sourcing answers to their most urgent questions, users can also post tasks to complete. This ranges from sharing social media posts, subscribing to channels, or creating brand new content.

PeerQ is more than just a Quora with benefits,” added Kassler. “It’s a brand new marketplace in which to share skills, influence, and experience — all powered by BitCash.

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How PeerQ works

To begin, you simply visit the site ( and create a profile.

The PeerQ BitCash Wallet

To offer rewards, you must deposit BitCash inside your PeerQ BitCash Wallet, available by clicking “BitCash Wallet” at the top of the PeerQ homepage. Here you will find your balance, your BitCash deposit/receive address, your withdraw/send BitCash options, and your transaction history. As a reminder, this is NOT your WebWallet.

Create a question or task

To ask a question or post a task, click “Create New Post” in the top right corner. Enter the title, description, answer/bounty reward, appropriate tags, and length of the post. You can then choose to let the community upvote the reward winner or manually reward participants by upvoting on individual posts. Click publish and your post will be live.

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Earn BitCash

Scroll through the posts on the homepage and click “Respond” to answer or complete a bounty on any that are still active. You can also search for specific topics by using the search function located at the top of the screen. To the left of every post is the BitCash bounty reward and remaining time to contribute.

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BitCash aims to be the world’s most useable cryptocurrency. With PeerQ, it has taken a step towards this goal as the exclusive unit of value in a new knowledge economy. Whether PeerQ will outdo Quora remains to be seen, but given that incentives often produce the best results, it may only be a matter of time.

PeerQ is still in Beta, so you’re encouraged to provide feedback in discord.

We are excited for what the future holds for BitCash and PeerQ.

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