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BitCash has collaborated with ether-1 to bring you BitCash Glass. BitCash Glass is a tool that allows for you to analyze STEX orderbooks. This is a very useful tool if you are interested in purchasing BitCash via InstaSwap.

BitCash Glass ( )

InstaSwap market buys BitCash from the STEX exchange and charges a very transparent 0.4% fee. With BitCash Glass you can see exactly how the orderbook looks before you make a purchase. Simply move the cursor over an order to see average price if you buy/sell the entire market before it. You can filter orders by the amount.

This tool is hosted on the ethoFS decentralized content delivery network, developed by ether-1: #DecentralizeEverything!

About ether-1

ether-1 offers a fully decentralized hosting platform that combines blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand.

The ethoFS network is a fully functioning website hosting platform which utilizes the node network for storage and bandwidth, along with providing DDoS protection, censorship resistance and high reliability due to not having any single points of failure.

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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