BitCash: Focusing on Mass Adoption

What is BitCash?

Bitcash combines the power of blockchain technology and traditional banking features with the goal of being the most usable cryptocurrency in the world. BitCash hopes to tackle mass adoption by creating easy to use and familiar tools for any and everyone. Major features from crypto such as privacy, decentralization, low rates, and speed are united with banking features like transaction logs, account names, electronic statements, accounting software to create help make BitCash a great alternative Bitcoin and other currencies.

BitCash focuses on creating features that fall in four main areas:

a) Usability

b) Stability

c) Simplicity

d) Mass adoption

Let’s check out some of these features.

BitCash Stable: An Algorithmic Mint-and-Burn Stable Protocol

The BitCash Stable feature was created to address the problem of price volatility when sending cryptocurrency to a third party, paying retailers, or storing value. The BitCash Stable feature implements a protocol called ‘mint & burn’ that allows for three currencies to exist on a single blockchain and allows users to convert to and from those three currencies. The first currency is BitCash, the cryptocurrency asset that is volatile and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The second currency that was introduced in June 2019 is BitCash Dollar, the stable asset pegged to $1 USD. The third currency, BitCash Gold, was made available mid-November 2019. BitCash Gold, is a stable asset pegged to the price of gold.

The power of decentralized finance is at your finger tips. The BitCash Wallet allows users to convert between BitCash, BitCash Dollar, and BitCash Gold with the click of a button.

Mint-and-Burn easily within the BitCash Wallet

For example, as of 1 January 2020 the price per BitCash is $0.10, and on this day, you send 5,000 BitCash to your BitCash Dollar account. At that time, you will immediately have 500 BitCash Dollars in your BitCash Dollar account with a value of $500 USD. You can keep the 500 BitCash Dollars for as long as you want, and the value will never change. Now assume the date is now 1 Febuary 2020 and the price per BitCash coin has dropped to $0.05. If you were to then convert the BitCash Dollars (still worth $500 USD) into BitCash, you would get 10,000 BitCash. So, the amount in BitCash is now 10,000 instead of 5,000, but the value in BitCash Dollars is still $500 USD.

Mint-and-Burn Dashboard

PeerQ: Share knowledge, Earn BitCash

PeerQ Commercial

PeerQ is a Quora-like platform that rewards users in crypto for sharing knowledge. Users ask questions, create bounties, provide answers, and complete tasks to earn BitCash.

The first place that people go for information is the internet. So, we decided: why not get this information at PeerQ? A marketplace that shares experience, wisdom and skills, all integrated with BitCash technology.

PeerQ is currently being revamped for a better UI, even more user-friendly, and added features. Here is a sneak peak of PeerQ “2.0”.

Sneak peak of PeerQ 2.0
Sneak peak of PeerQ 2.0

You can visit and earn you first BitCash today!

Trade BitCash Directly in Your Wallet

BitCash partnered with InstaSwap back in October of 2019 with intentions of bringing the BitCash community a non-custodial exchange platform that allows users to quickly exchange crypto directly at market price. With mass adoption in mind, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to use InstaSwap. So we have integrated it directly into the wallet.

No exchanges. No KYC. No usernames, emails, and passwords. This integration allows our community to immediately swap BitCash and BTC directly within the BitCash wallet.

Social Media Integration & Nicknames

In 2019, much of our time is spent on social media. BitCash has created a seamless way to send crypto via Social Media (Twitter, IG, and Twitch), SMS, email. That’s right, you can now send BitCash to anyone just using their Twitter or Instagram name. And what’s even more impressive, is the BitCash can be claimed only with their Twitter and IG credentials

We feel that this takes BitCash a step closer to mass adoption by making it seamless for anyone to send and receive cryptocurrency in seconds.

What is your Bitcoin address? Can you give it to someone without your computer or phone nearby? Most likely not. With named accounts, there is no more fiddling with messy blockchain addresses designed for geeks and crypto enthusiasts. Simply create a nickname for your account that easy to remember and share.

BitCash Paper Bills

BitCash Paper Bills feature allows for users to print BitCash or BitCash Dollar bills. These bills can be customized with your personal picture or logo and used to a gift, to transact with, or for promotional purposes.

Create customizable BitCash Paper Bills to use as a gift or transact with

One-Click Mining

The BitCash wallet has a built-in one-click miner, which basically lets anyone with a CPU or a NVIDIA GPU mine BitCash with a click of a button. The NVIDIA video card must be a 980 model or later with a minimum of 3GB of vram.

Innovative Wallet with Traditional Banking Tools

Create transaction references to maintain good record-keeping

BitCash also aims to bring familiarity to its users by combining traditional banking tools into the BitCash Wallet. The wallet allows users to:

· create transaction references

· maintain record-keeping

· create recurring payments

· maintain multiple names accounts within one wallet

· printable e-statements

· make BitCash payments to anyone (even if they don’t have a wallet)

· pre-sending verification

BitCash Coin Specs

Algorithm: x16Rv2

Consensus: Proof Of Work (PoW)
Coin Ticker: BITC
Block Time: 1 Minute
Block Reward: 21.5 BITC
Total supply: Initially 100,000,000 Coins but will fluctuate due to mainnet of BitCash Stable Feature
Masternodes: No
Pre-mine: 9.7%
Block Reward: 10%
Emission Halving: Every 4 years (after 2,100,000 blocks)
Difficulty Adjustment: Virtual Timespan Retargeting (retargeting after every block like Dark Gravity Wave DGW for example, but with their own development, which adapts faster to changes in mining power)

Visit the BitCash Community to learn more!

BitCash Official Links:

Website — and

Discord —

Twitter —

Bitcointalk ANN —

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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