BitCash Dashboard is LIVE!

The Bitcash Dashboard is now live at

The BitCash team has always prioritized simplicity & usability and the addition of the dashboard is no different.

The purpose of the dashboard is to bring users all of the important information surrounding the BitCash chain to one location. You can find real time charts of BitCash, BitCash Dollar, and BitCash Gold, hashrate distribution, some trading information, and supply information.


BitCash has implemented the Monero stealth address concept so balances cannot be viewed. This makes it very important to allow for supply transparency.

The dashboard will provide all of the vital information surrounding BitCash Stable and its effect on supply:

-Price (Conversion, Gold)

-Supply (BitCash, BitCash Dollar, BitCash Gold)

-Supply Scenarios

-Market Cap

-Amount of Mined BitCash

-Remaining Amount of BitCash to be Mined

and more.

A special thanks to community developer, William Kibbler on his contribution of the BitCash Dashbord.

Will brings a lot of experience as he has worked with a few different blockchain projects and has created some cool applications, including:

Website — and

Discord —

Twitter —

Bitcointalk ANN —

Telegram —

Reddit —

BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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