Introducing BitCash: the world’s most useable cryptocurrency

Few people have reaped the rewards of decentralization. Cryptocurrency is still a fledgling asset in world economies, and while support is growing, it’ll be years before people reach for their crypto wallets instead of their credit cards.

BitCash wants to change that.

BitCash is the first cryptocurrency designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as dollars, pounds, or other fiat currencies. By combining the benefits of decentralization with the convenience of today’s internet banking, BitCash is a faster, cheaper, and more secure way for consumers and businesses to trade.

Why cryptocurrencies have yet to fulfil their promise

Decentralized cryptocurrencies offer huge advantages over fiat. Business owners save on debit or credit card processing fees, avoid chargebacks, and enjoy much faster transactions. Consumers also enjoy speed, privacy, and lower fees. Should businesses pass on their savings, products and services could be cheaper, too.

But at the moment, cryptocurrencies are hard to use. Consumers have to download wallets, remember obscure passwords, and transaction IDs. Budgeting is a pain, as you can’t review what you’ve spent without a lot of extra work. Such complexity can put newcomers off, and is a massive obstacle to adoption.

Businesses also suffer a lack of support. Standard tools like printable statements, recurring payments, and accounting software are not supported by today’s cryptocurrencies. Businesses that can’t accept cryptocurrencies could lose out to others that can, so it’s important to help everyone participate in this new way of exchanging value.

Before cryptocurrencies can take their place in the world economy, however, they must fix a persistent image problem. The hard truth is many decentralized cryptocurrencies, or “privacy coins”, have helped finance illegal activities, and as a result governments and law enforcement agencies have pushed back, sometimes banning them altogether.

BitCash: delivering tomorrow’s benefits, today

By overcoming these barriers to adoption, BitCash helps deliver the benefits of decentralization now, not in decades’ time.

BitCash makes it easy to mine, manage, and spend cryptocurrency

From the wallet to website, BitCash is all about an easy user experience.

You’ll have easy to remember account names, transaction description lines, family accounts, recurring payments and e-statements. You’ll even be able to send BitCash to people all around the world that don’t have a BitCash wallet.

Use transaction records to keep track of payments

Buyers using BitCash can enter a private record which is only visible to the sender and receiver, creates stored transaction records, making it easy to see where your money went, manage your cash flow, and plan for taxes.

Mine BitCash in one click directly inside your wallet

Mine your own BitCash, which you can then exchange for products and services. Anyone with a computer can start mining BitCash in as little as four steps:

  1. Download the BitCash wallet for your operating system.
  2. Install the BitCash wallet.
  3. Open the BitCash wallet.
  4. Click “Start Mining”

Send BitCash to anyone via email, SMS or Facebook

Just like PayPal, BitCash allows you to send money to anyone via email, chat, or SMS even if they don’t yet have a BitCash wallet, making paying bills, or sending money to friends and family a breeze.

BitCash provides all the business tools and functionality of today’s internet banking

Whether you need to set up recurring payments, import transactions, or integrate cryptocurrency into Xero or Intuit — BitCash will give you all the tools you need to accept, process, and manage cryptocurrency payments.

The first cryptocurrency to implement “Safe Privacy”

All BitCash transactions, accounts, and data are private by design. However, in the case of suspected illegal activity, we can release a “Private Master Key” to authorities to help them track and prosecute criminals. We call this “Safe Privacy” — deterring criminals while safeguarding our users’ privacy — and hope it will give world governments the confidence to integrate cryptocurrencies into their economies.

The talent and tech behind BitCash

We realise that creating the “world’s most useable cryptocurrency” is a bold vision. But our people and tech are well qualified to achieve this.

The BitCash team has over 50 years’ experience of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other technologies. We’ve worked hard for over a year developing a coin people will actually use, with adoption written into the code from day one.

As we’re big on decentralization, BitCash will initially be CPU-mineable, using Cuckoo Cycle algorithm with the miner implemented into the wallet to make it one of the easiest and most mineable cryptocurrencies ever. Cuckoo Cycle is a new graph-theoretic proof-of-work design that’s cost effective, energy-efficient, and can be run on slower computers.

It’s the first proof-of-work algorithm that can scale memory with instant verifiability, and where memory latency dominates the runtime.

Finally, our “Private Master Key” is our secret weapon in the fight against cryptocurrency repression. BitCash is the first decentralized cryptocurrency to work with law enforcement, not against it, and we hope this settles the argument for cryptocurrencies across the globe.

All of us in the BitCash team are really excited about helping people do more with cryptocurrencies. For more information, please visit the official website and read our White Paper. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates and get mining today.

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BitCash combines the power of block-chain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency.

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